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How do you know you're an  EPIC Pickler?

  • You dream of having your own custom paddle (Quit dreaming and click here). Watch the short video and then gain access to 10% discount on ANY Rouge Gel-Core, Avant or Scout Paddle from Players Pickleball, custom or not!)

  • You want to Discover How to Better Communicate with your Pickleball Partner (or future one!). Click here now!

  • You want to know how Tyson McGuffin has the stamina he has and ability to recover and keep on winning!   

  • You dream about Pickleball & doing an ATP & Ernie.   

  • You wake up in the middle of the night doing touch, bounce, touch, bounce on your way to the bathroom. 

  • You want to introduce everyone you meet to Pickleball. 

  • You want to promote not only the sport, but its diversity and sense of community. 

  • You are a Pickleball Fanatic and so passionate that you can’t stop thinking or talking about Pickleball. You Paddle UP & Pickle ON whether you win or lose!

EPIC Signature Design paddles
Helping you Live out your Passion on Your Paddle!
Let your Passion Live on Your Paddle!
Let your Passion Live on Your Paddle!
EPIC Pickler Men's Paddle
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Story behind Captain "Battle of the Paddle!" 

Captain John Battle, a veteran of World War I, saw that another war was coming and decided to stop it before it could happen. In a similar fashion, Captain “Battle of the Paddle” fights against those who might destroy the purity of Pickleball by welcoming games with those of lesser skill, delighted at the opportunity to help others improve while also learning from them.  He embraces challenges by playing against both men and women with advanced skills as he seeks every opportunity to improve.  

Like Captain Battle, who had no superpowers, but set up a laboratory on top of a mountain and began fighting against warmongers, Captain “Battle of the Paddle” delights in the scientific laboratory of Players Pickleball.  John Battle embraced advanced technology such as the Curvoscope which allowed him to see anywhere on earth, and a Dissolva Gun which disintegrated matter.  In a similar manner, Captain “Battle of the Paddle”  utilizes the best technology by playing with the Rouge SI Gel-Core paddle which enables him to place the ball anywhere on the court with more precision because of the large sweet spot.  Though his paddle provides a way for him to disintegrate his opponent, he does it in a fair manner by playing his best, eager to share his secret weapon with others once the game is over . He loves partnering with other EPIC Pickler Superheroes who share his passion for Pickleball and is dedicated to having fun while promoting better health and fostering an empowered sense of community.  
EPIC Pickler Women's Paddle
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Story for Rosie “We Can Do It” EPIC Picker Paddle - 

Rosie The Riveter reminds every EPIC Pickler woman that “ We Can Do It!”  We are entering the ranks of Pickleball players in unprecedented numbers.   We are more than “holding our own” as we bring our A game to the courts.  We are finding the gaping holes on the court with our “We Can Do It’ Rouge Gel-Core Paddle and maximizing that sweet spot for our benefit.  We are reaching out to other women who haven’t had sports opportunities in the past to help them discover, learn, appreciate and have FUN with the game of Pickleball while experiencing the health benefits.  We are committed to bringing people together, promoting the purity of Pickleball and playing in a way that fosters the same sense of empowered community espoused by the original Rosies. 

Discovering my EPIC Code and that of my partner enhanced
our Pickleball communication...both on and off the court! 

~Rodney Strong

Discover Your EPIC Code in less than 90 seconds and receive your complimentary EPIC TAPP (Total Assessment Personality Profile) communications report.  Once you do this, ask your Pickleball Partner (or potential one) to do the same and share your EPIC TAPP with one another! Spend some time talking about how you view things differently and how that impacts how you receive feedback.

Our patent-pending system not only helps you better understand yourself, but offers you the ability to better communicate with your Pickleball Partner (and others as well). Communication is essential on/off the court in Pickleball and in life!   Once your EPIC Code™ is established (no cost), in the future, you and others will be able to connect with other EPIC Picklers throughout the world based on your EPIC personality/communication code.

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